Monday, September 15, 2008

What did he say now?

I absolutely love my nephew, not just because he is mine but because he is adorable, funny and a great reminder to me why I don't want to ever want to be a mother.

My sister worked all last weekend and since her husband is on location she had no one to watch the boy, of course I jumped at the opportunity because of all the reasons listed above.

I met my sister at work on Saturday, we typically just switch cars since the boy is usually sleeping. This time was not unlike other times, I got in the car and the boy was asleep. When he woke up he started talking to me about school and everything else going on in his life. There is a little girl at school who I will call "Miss N" since her first name begins with N and I want to protect all parties involved...... apparently Miss N is a little bit of a bully and picks on a lot of the kids in the class. So I asked the boy how school was going and he said "I don't want to talk about 'Miss N' anymore, EVER"

While at my house, we watched several episodes of "Little Bear" I told him as soon as the WVU football game started "Little Bear" was off, he seemed to be okay with that..... until he realized I meant he couldn't watch what he wanted to watch (not that the WVU game was worth watching, they lost to ECU for God Sake) anyway the entire time the game is on he kept pulling out DVD from his bag tell me he wants to watch this one or that one and every time a DVD game out of the bag I heard "Come on Aunt Kelly it is really fun" So I finally responded "So is watching football, no movies now" we then practiced saying "Let's Go Mountaineers" which paid off well when he and his parents when to Champs to watch the Notre Dame game and Rich Rodriguez (coach of Michigan, former coach of WVU) was on TV being the first Michigan coach to lose the first 2 games of the season in forever and the boy started yelling "Let's Go Mountaineers".... of course he had no clue of the humor in that since Rich left WVU for what he thought was a better program and is doing nothing for them!!

Anyway, moving on. At one point I see the boy sitting under my kitchen table so I say to him "BBoy what are you doing?" He comes out from under the table so he can put his hand on his hip and shake his head a little and respond to me "Can't you see I am using my imagination?" Because I wasn't sure how to respond I said to him "No I couldn't thanks for clearing that up for me."

Several times I asked him if he was hungry or wanted anything to eat and he kept telling me no, finally he says to me, again with hands on his hips "Aunt Kelly I need food" so I name all the food we have, trying to find out what he wants and he said to me "Not that food, the food in the closet" I tell him "I don't know what you are tlaking about, I have no food in the closet." I guess that is not the answer he was looking for because he shook his head at me and said "I wish you would stop being so ridiculous" ........ are you kidding me the child is not even 3, seriously where does he come up with this stuff?

Finally we were at my parents on Sunday and my father was serving corn on the cob, I didn't know if the boy was allowed to eat it or not so I said to my father "Does BBoy get any" and before my father could respond BBoy says "only one because of my poopies" I about died, the kid knows about corn poops already, I love it!!!


Simply Complicated said...

Too cute, so glad you get to spend time with him.

Anna M-W said...

Yeah, what happened with ECU BTW?

Let me know if I need to take care of Miss N.

My ass just hurts thinking about corn poopies!