Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday......

Sometimes I just have to brag about the man I married- he deserves husband of the year. I come home from work today to an interesting smell in the apartment. Turns out D tried to make chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite sweet treat) for my birthday and he burnt the chocolate :( Hey at least he tried right? The card he picked out for me was absolutely perfect- I feel like we have come a long way when it comes to cards- I think that is the most important part of the gift and D seems to think they are over rated, many a holidays came and went without cards, needless to say I wasn't very happy on those holidays. This year, the card is the best gift I could have received.

"For my Wife"
You know the story.
Two people meet and fall in love, they move all their belongings into the same small space and begin to
make a life together.
They discover that they have three toasters, two blenders and no even one coffeemaker.
They don't fold their shirts the same way, and they can't always agree on whose turn it is to clean house.
But these are the little things, and because these two people love each other, they find a way to work them out.
As time passes, there are other things-money worries, illnesses, family crises.
These are the big things.
But because the two people love each other, they find a way to work them out too.
And on special days like birthdays, they think about each other and about all the fun stuff they share and about
how their love has got them through the not-so-fun stuff.
And he says to her...Thanks for everything, I still love you very much.
Darren added- "Happy Birthday on our first year together as husband and wife. I'm glad I made the right choice. Love Always, Darren"
Who needs chocolate covered strawberries when you have a card like that? Not me!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The rest is history

Reading a post on SIStv had me thinking about Darren and I and how we met. Thought I would share our story here.......

I always heard about Darren (my husband) when I was in college- he had been roommates with my friend's boyfriend. Kevin (friend's Boyfriend) and Darren graduated a few years before us. Kevin always talked about Darren coming into town and we would have to put our plans on hold until Darren showed up- 9 out of 10 times he didn't show up. Being young and vocal I would complain about having to put MY plans on hold for some guy......

Fast Foward to Kim and Kevin's wedding- again we were waiting for Darren to show up (he was in the wedding) Kim was stressed out (as most bride's get) because Darren hadn't pick up his tux yet. By now, I am not that young but still very vocal so I say "What the hell? Darren needs a wife or a mother- someone to keep track of him" Kevin pipes in with "He said he wouldn't mind having you for one of those" I freak out "what are you talking about? why have you and Darren talked about me? Who is this freak?"

Darren shows up in the nick of time and the rehersal goes fine. We are at the rehersal dinner and I feel like someone is watching me, I make a comment or two to the girls and enjoy the evening. We (the bridal party) decided to go out after the rehersal dinner for some prewedding fun. We all went to some local bar- since I have had some adult beverages, I am feeling a little brave- so I walk up to Darren outside the bar and say "What is this I hear, we are supposed to be married this weekend?" I then add "I do think we would make beautiful children- do you want to practice?" Totally not serious, I walk about and enjoy some time with the girls (after getting Darren to buy me a drink or two). I end up at the bar chatting with Darren and there was one of those moments when I knew he was going to kiss me, I just felt like I was waiting forever, so I said "if you were thinking about kissing me, now would be a really good time." and of course he did....

Lately Darren has been asking me if I consider myself an Alpha Female, as I sit and read what I just typed, I guess the answer is pretty simple- Hell Yeah!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

From Screwed to Stung

I am really starting to get excited.... D and I go see the The Police in a little more than 48 hours. I will admit, I am not the biggest Police fan, shoot up until a few months ago I wasn't even a little Police fan; however, the more I read about the concerts that have happened so far the more excited I get. Anna loved it!! We have amazing seats (3rd row, center stage) I am hoping to get some great pictures!

I have been on a mission to load my Ipod with Police songs so I can sing along when I get to the show. Off to download some more!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I got Screwed......

Yesterday was a great day, work was amazing! (despite an @$$hole contractor on the phone and other circumstances beyond my control) It was the most fun I had at work in a long time, I was laughing with customers, having a good time and driving some pretty amazing results. I guess it would be too much to ask for that I have two good days in a row!!

This morning I wake up, look at the alarm and realize I can still snooze, I didn't have to be up and in the shower until 7:15. So 7:15 rolls around, I am ready to get in the shower and D is in there- no big deal I guess I can wait- I had given myself enough time that I could still be early or on time for work. When I get out of bed, D is walking around the apartment so I say to him "Honey" he ways what and I say "Hi." Just wanted to say hello and good morning. I take my shower, get out and am chatting up a storm with D- he doesn't respond to something I say (typical really) so I start walking around looking for him (the place isn't that big) and I can't find he, I realize the jack@$$ left for work and didn't say good bye. Oh well, I can deal with that I guess... until the house phone rings. No one ever calls on the house phone, especially not at 7:35 in the morning. You guessed it, it was Darren, not calling to tell he to have a good day and he loves me but that I have a flat tire and I need to drive to Hess and get air in it. He thinks I will be able to make it on the tire the way it is but he isn't 100% sure!!

So I run around trying to finish getting ready so I can deal with this car bull shit. I go to Hess, driving about 15 mph because I am afraid I am going to F up my car. I get the air and proceed to work. Go out at lunch time to check on the car and the tire is flat again!! So I call dear husband- thank the good lord above that I got his voice mail, I might have gone crazy if he answered. The long and short is he came to my work after work and put on my donut- I have never driven on a donut and tell me I am not comfortable driving the car. We take the tire to Sears (there was a screw in it!) they pull the screw and patch the tire, charge me $20 and tell me everything is fine. D looks at the tire and sees a huge bubble in the side, he tells me I can't drive with it like that because it could blow out (who knew). So now I am really annoyed at Sears, why didn't they tell me that? I tell them I want my $20 back and I need a new tire. Of course Sears in Jersey City doesn't carry Pirelli tires (you know that $168 ones) so I have to get some Kumo tire which still cost $90!!! Never thought I would be $90 to get screwed before today!

As I sit here with the highlighting cap on my head I am trying to get excited about the weekend. We are going to Boston to see "the Police" in concert, we have 3rd row seats. Not a big Police fan, but would love to say I have been to Fenway and have never had floors seats at a concert before. Should be fun- looking forward to a weekend with the husband and no work!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ranting and Raving...

As a "Jersey Girl" there are few things I enjoy more than a good BonJovi song (except maybe a BonJovi concert... 3 months and 3 days and counting) That being said there are few things that annoy me more than people who talk shit about my Jersey Boys!! On Friday there were these @$$holes on the radio ranting and raving about my future husband.....

Apparently there is an energy drink called MyJovi and on the can it says "My Drink, My Jovi, My Life" (you can read about it here)understandable JBJ is a little annoyed and his lawyers are threatening action if the maker of the drink doensn't change the name/tag line. I think it is a little crazy that JBJ wants him to change the name, but I can see where the name and the tag line can lead people to believe it is endorsed by JBJ.... anyway the radio idiots start trashing the shit out of Bon Jovi, saying they haven't had a hit in decades (are you serious???) they can't sell out the Meadowlands (again, where do you get your facts?) They then started listing all Bon Jovi songs and trying to find people that should sue them.... the road crews who printed the slippery when wet signs, Marshalls in the 1800 who printed "wanted posters", the entire state of NJ for using its name as an album title and other crazy stuff.

I feel a little better after bitching about those radio jerks- maybe they felt better about the pathetic lives after talking shit about my favorite Jersey Boys!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Am I an underwear magnet?

Wednesday night I was at the gym for my weekly yoga class I had stuff in the locker room (which I never do, I usually change in the car on the way between work and the gym) so after class I run to the locker room to grab my stuff and what is on the floor at the top of the stairs? A black lace thong that someone must have dropped on their way out.

Tonight I come home, and at the top of the stairs right in front of my door is a pair of "granny panties" clearly they are not mine! I am assuming someone was doing laundry and dropped them on the way upstairs. For my own good I assume it was on the way up that means they were already washed and are clean. I don't want to look at these "granny panties" everytime I leave the house so I carefully pick them up and take them to the laundry room, leaving them on the folding table. Was I wrong? Should I have gone door to door until I found the owner? I think not- they are lucky I didn't pick the damn things up and throw them in the garbage!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Movie Previews

I have been enjoying my two days off- this week I actually got 3 because I worked 4th of July (gotta love comp days!!) it is very rare that I take 2 days off in a row and actually enjoy them. Usually I am doing computer work or helping D do computer work- not this time- I had 2 days what were almost all about me. I saw 2 movies, enjoyed a yoga class and spent time with my sister doing some scrapbooking.

I saw "Knocked up" yesterday and "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" today. It has been awhile since I was at the movies, I forgot how crazy the previews had become. What happened to days of old when you saw a preview or two for up coming movies, enjoyed the show and went home? Now you see commercials for new products, TV shows and about 5 or 6 up coming movies. It blows my mind that we spend money to go in and watch commericals- shouldn't we be getting paid to sit through the ads?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stampin' Up

What did I do wrong? A $50 gift certificate has cost me $300. My sister gave me a gift certificate for Mother's Day (I love being a God Mother- I had no idea presents were involved when I signed up) When looking at a catolog full of adorable things how do you limit yourself to $50.... you don't!! You end up signing up to be a demonstrator so you can get as much stuff as you want at a discount. I don't see myself having parties or hosting card swaps or anything but I do look forward to discovering an additional creative side and seeing what I can do with some rubber stamps. Now if only I could get myself on a schedule that allows for scrapping and stamping on a regular basis!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Proud American?

Happy 4th of July.

To celebrate our nation's independence, D and I had dinner with his mother, sister and our brother-in-law. The weather was yucky so we were forced to watch our fireworks on TV :(

Macy's did a great job again this year, the broadcast of the fireworks had some great narration and music to go with the fireworks, at one point the announcer recited the Pledge of Allegience. I somewhat teasing said to my husband- can you recite the Pledge of Allegience? We put the TV on mute and he proudly said "I pledge allegience to the flag" and stopped. At first I told him he should be ashamed, what kind of a American is he? Trying to show him up I said "I pledge allegience to the flag of the United States of America" then I stopped.... none of the 5 adults in the room could recite the Pledge without thinking about it..... that scares the crap out of me. What is wrong with us?

I can remember the Girl Scout pledge from 5th Grade (hold up the 3 middle fingers) On my honor I will try to serve God, My Country and mankind and to live by the Girl Scout law. Yet I can't remember the Pledge of Allegience?

After brainstorming and partnering as a group we finally got it:
I pledge allegience to the flag of the United State of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I promised myself I will recite it at least once a day so I can engrave it my brain again, afterall, I consider myself to be a proud American and proud Americans should be able to salute their flag at the drop of a hat..... afterall people are dying while trying to protect that flag!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Nothing to say

Who would have thought as soon as I started a blog I would run out of things to say?

One thing is for sure if I was feeling the least bit maternal all of those feelings would have been squashed over the past few days. I stopped by my cousin's house on Friday, in addition to her 3 kids, there were 6 other kids running around (oldest was 6, youngest is less than a year). If that wasn't enough, I spent the majority of the day with my 19 month old nephew. I swear spending time with him and my cousin's kids is the best birth control in the world- no way in hell I am cut out to be a mother.

No BBQ's for me tomorrow, I am working- think of me at the mall while you are enjoying your watermelon, ice cold beers and hotdogs fresh off the grill.