Saturday, July 21, 2007

Am I an underwear magnet?

Wednesday night I was at the gym for my weekly yoga class I had stuff in the locker room (which I never do, I usually change in the car on the way between work and the gym) so after class I run to the locker room to grab my stuff and what is on the floor at the top of the stairs? A black lace thong that someone must have dropped on their way out.

Tonight I come home, and at the top of the stairs right in front of my door is a pair of "granny panties" clearly they are not mine! I am assuming someone was doing laundry and dropped them on the way upstairs. For my own good I assume it was on the way up that means they were already washed and are clean. I don't want to look at these "granny panties" everytime I leave the house so I carefully pick them up and take them to the laundry room, leaving them on the folding table. Was I wrong? Should I have gone door to door until I found the owner? I think not- they are lucky I didn't pick the damn things up and throw them in the garbage!!