Friday, February 29, 2008


Thanks to Janet and her wonderful Friday Fill-ins I always have something to post on Friday.

Friday Fill-Ins #61
1. I'm looking forward to getting some scrapping done in my newly organized space next week. 2. I don't handle confrontation very well.
3. Pizza is something I could eat every day.
4. Warmth and sunlight put a smile on my face.
5. UStamp here I come attending a stamping class 3/15 and so looking forward to it!
6. I have 1 tattoo(s) and often think about getting another, just not sure what it would be or where it would go.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with D after work, tomorrow my plans include working from open to close (don't ask)and Sunday, I want to sleep in before going to work!

Testifying for the defendant…. IKEA

I wonder how many marriages ended at Ikea? It is a place where you see all these happy couples walking around, picking out things to help make their house a home, D and I were one of those couples tonight. I saw these

here and thought "hell I could do that" so off to Ikea I went and D met me there after work. Being in Ikea was fine, we got what we wanted, loaded it in the car and got it home without event. Of course since we got it at Ikea the 82x24 inch cabinet came in a box that was roughly 18x3, I will never understand how that happens.

Putting the furniture together became a whole new adventure..... Me being me, I told D not to worry about it, all he had to do was help me carry it up stairs and I would do the rest. Then I start dropping the "f" bomb because things are not going well for me the furniture assembly chic and instead of asking for help I just drop tons of "f" bombs hoping he will get the hint and help me..... it doesn't always work that way and when that happens, my evil twin sister comes out, starts yelling at him and asking him him "wtf his problem is, why can't he just help me." After a few minor mess ups we got the damn thing together and by the end of the weekend I swear I will have my stuff together and organized. Thankfully my dear husband has the patience of a saint and put up with me and the crazy Ikea directions, yet another happy ending brought to you by Ikea.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How did they know?

I have no idea who this kid is or how they knew this is how I was feeling today but the picture pretty much sums it up..............

The only good thing about today is that I am off tomorrow!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

You thought I forgot didn't you..........

Hot off the presses, my Friday Fill ins. This week they didn't come to me as easily as they have in the past, really made me think. Can't wait to see what you came up with.

Friday Fill-Ins #60
1. Being away from work and spending time with loved ones is the best thing about traveling.
2. I love a good blanket to snuggle with when I'm cold.
3. I often use my computer- I am addicted.
4. I'm reading nothing right now; I am frustrated by it (I love to read just haven’t gotten into it lately). Anyone have any recommendations?
5. _____ is something I dislike talking about. (leaving this blank because I love to talk and would talk about almost anything.)
6. When I visited France I most looked forward to seeing Normandy Beach and the Cemetery.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with D before he goes to Chicago, tomorrow my plans include working and Sunday, I want to sleep and scrap but unfortunately I will be working!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weather Bug

Being obsessed with the weather is something that runs in my genes, I swear my parents are some how related to Sam Champion the weather guy from channel 7. With the weatherbug flashing like crazy on the bottom of my screen I just have this to say..........

Intense I-Color

I am so not a girly girl, so I think it is really funny that I found a makeup product that I love so much I want to tell everyone about it.

I am by no means vain; however, I do think my eyes are my best feature. They are blue; however, they tend to change depending on what I am wearing- sometimes they appear to be more green, others grey. In addition to being like the horse of many colors from the Wizard of Oz, I am one of the lucky ones who was blessed with great eye lashes, they are long and full. As a result, I very rarely wear mascara especially if I am wearing my glasses because my lashes would rub against my glasses and make a damn mess. Since I work in the "beauty care" industry I think it is a good idea to wear a little make up when at work. Nothing major, some foundation/powder, eye liner, lip gloss and when I am feeling risky I add some mascara.... hence the new love for Almay Almay Intense I-color it is a mascara designed to intensify the color of your eyes, it is available in either lengthening or thickening formulas. Let me tell you, I love it!! When I wear it the white of my eyes look whiter and the blue is really blue. Ever since I started wearing it, I get at least 1 compliment a day on the color of my eyes, most of the compliments have come from total strangers. I can't wait to try the green eye one just to see how my eyes appear, for the $6 price tag at Target, we can all afford to try more than 1 color.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Going Mad...

Giving MadGlibs another try. Because it took me almost 2 hours to less than 20 miles the other day I thought Rush Hour 3 was a good one to try this week.

Mad:)Glibs - free online Mad Libs
Rush Hour 3
5 years after the end of Rush Hour 2, James Carter is no longer a Sales Manager, but a Teacher on the streets of on the beach. Lee is now the bodyguard for his friend Darren. Lee is still upset with Carter about an incident in at home when Carter accidentally shot Lee`s girlfriend, Nurse Isabella Molina, in the Eye.

During the World Criminal Court discussions, as Darren addresses the importance to fight the Triad, he announces that he knows the Cute of the Triad leadership known as the Shy Shen. Suddenly, Darren takes a Clock in the Smile, disrupting the conference. Lee pursues the assassin and corners him, discovering that the assassin is his brother, Bon Jovi. When Lee hesitates to shoot Bon Jovi, Carter shows up Laughing towards the two and Often Runs Lee over, allowing Bon Jovi to escape.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Better late than pregnant.........

It is officially Saturday but since I haven't got to bed yet I am going to pretend like it is still Friday so I can post my
1. Snowdrops are Pretty, until you have to drive in them.

2. I'm going to cherish every moment

3. Finally Found Someone- the Star Spangled Banner- Almost Heaven, and of course Happy Birthday are all songs whose lyrics have meaning to me.

4. Just one sip of the Pomegrante Margarita from Longhorn and I was hooked.

5. Surrounded by friends and family is where I'm happiest.

6. I believe that making mistakes and learning from them is a necessary part of life.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with Darren, tomorrow my plans include work and hanging out with Darren and Sunday, I want to make it through an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition without crying!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Proud to be an American?

Only in America drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

Only in America people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

Only in America banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

Only in America we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

Only in America we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

Only in America they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trying Something New.....

Since we have Friday FillIns, I thought I would do Monday Mad Libs.
Check out Mad Glibs this week I did “Love Letter 3” and this is how it played out.

Mad:)Glibs - free online Mad Libs
Love Letter 3
Dear Darren,

It has come to my picture that you are the funniest girl/boy in the camera. My eye starts laughing a smile every time you speak. I would like to kick if you want to go to the anniversary with me next Wednesday. If you stretch please cook me at the home in 3 days. I eat you and everything about you.


Friday, February 8, 2008

Do you know what time it is?

Que Hora Es, Bitches?
It's Friday Fill in Time!!

1. I'm looking forward to growing old with my husband.
2. Ireland is a place I always wanted to visit and haven't made it there yet.
3. I've fallen in love with Darren.
4. Six of one, half dozen of another.
5. Addiction: my nephew and the way he laughs.
6. The morons of America crack me up!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing my husband, he has been traveling like crazy for work lately, tomorrow my plans include work and after work a party with the people from work and Sunday, I want to sleep but I have to work!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Bringing home the trophy!!!

18-1 has become the Mantra for Giants fans around the globe and in true New York fashion we take the opportunity to rub it in Boston's face every chance we get. It was amazing to hear all these people screaming "Boston Sucks" at the top of the lungs as floats with Giants players rolled by. It is a deep routed hatred that really can't be explained, I guess you have to live in the NY Metro area to get it. Kind of like "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand"

Something else that is as NJ as the Giants are is the Sopranos so it is only fitting that Vito from the Sopranos be at the parade, of course he too was sporting the 18-1
Kawika Mitchell

Super Bowl MVP and Giants Quarterback, Eli Manning

Antonio Pierce

Shaun O'Hara
Not sure who is wearing this sweat shirt, but I love it and the message it is delivering.... PISS on 19-0

Monday, February 4, 2008

19-0 MY ASS!!!

Good news, I survived the game! It was close, I swear I was on the verge of a stroke, and heart attack at several points doing the game. I must have walked 100 miles as I paced back and forth. I wonder why I subject myself to such stressful situations, I guess it is just in my DNA.

I rearranged my schedule tomorrow so I can go to the parade (can't wait to show you the pictures) D and I are heading into the city around 9 tomorrow morning (I have a meeting first thing in the morning) it is going to be awesome, I can't wait.

I forget what Giant player said it yesterday but I do believe they said it best..... 18-1, New York Giants are the world champs, write that story! Gotta love it!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Consider yourself Warned


James Keating    

Giants Headquarters

Super Bowl XLII


February 3, 2008


Re: Home Owner's Insurance Policy Number



Dear Party Attendant:

This disclaimer releases James Keating of all responsibility for the actions of his wife, Joyce Keating, AKA- crazed Giants Fan.

The Keating family will in no way be responsible for any bodily harm caused by Joyce waving her arms in the air when the Giant's defense fails to do their job and leaves receivers wide open.

Nor will they take responsibility for any hearing lose as a result of standing too close to Joyce when the referee fails to "throw the flag" for whatever penalty Joyce and only Joyce saw.

Do not be alarmed when Joyce starts to pace back and forth and talking to herself. No action is required; just give her a 10 foot clearance.

In addition, any pre-existing heart conditions you have need to be brought to the attention of the home owner before the start of the game. Neither Joyce nor James will be responsible for Heart Attacks that result from poor coaching, bad officiating, missed blocks, dropped passes or blocked kicks.

Finally, we want to thank you in advance for your compliance to the above stated guidelines. Any and all psychological side effects that occur as a result of watching Super Bowl XLII with Joyce will be the responsibility of the party attendant. You willing entered the Keating home and by doing so you released James of all responsibility and took your mental and physical health in your own hands.


James Keating

Innocent Bystander

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Move over Thelma and Louise......

Tonight I was driving home from work and passed a card with a digital speedometer and busted out laughing. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to have to pull over because the tears were blurring my vision. Most people don’t respond this way to digital speedometers and usually I don’t either but I had a flashback from college and I just couldn’t control the laughter.

As many of you know Kim and I were partners in crime while in college. We met freshman year, my roommate (randomly assigned by the university) was someone Kim went to high school with, Kim and I quickly hit it off and became forever friends.

Typically the older you get the wiser you get; however, I don’t think that statement holds true while in college. As a matter of fact I think it might be the exact opposite, the further into our higher education we got the crazier and more daring we became……

Junior year we had a friend whose Grandmother passed away, he needed a ride to the airport so he could get home with his family. The airport in Morgantown is very small, it only has 1 runway and flies to Pittsburgh and Washington, DC only. Most of the time if you had to fly you would just fly out of Pittsburgh, shit you could drive there faster than you could fly there. Our friends flight was at 6:30 in the morning or some other ungodly hour. We decided it would be better if we just hung out all night, got some breakfast then left to get him to the airport. The ride there was very uneventful. Since I got to take a quick nap on the way there I told Kim I would drive home. She feel asleep and I was exhausted and needed to get back to the apartment STAT. So I was really pushing her car, I swear I had the pedal to the floor the whole way. Her digital speedometer went to 99 but I know I had the car going faster than that. At one point Kim woke up to see where we were and I told her I discovered her speedometer didn’t go any higher than 99. She looked at me like I was crazy and quickly went back to sleep, I am sure it is because she didn’t want to see her life flash before her eyes if we had crashed.

There was the time we were going to PA to surprise a friend for her 21 birthday. We were on the PA turnpike traveling at a rate much higher than the posted speed limit. Kim looks at me and says “What would you do if I died right now?” I looked at her like she was crazy and told her I would cry. She said “what the hell is the matter with you? Why wouldn’t you regain control of the vehicle first?” oh right because that is what would be going through my mind if the driver of the vehicle I was in died! WTF?

The reason the digital speedometer makes me laugh…. Kim leased an Explorer our Senior year. Because it was a lease she was cautious of the miles she put on it. We quickly figured out what fuse to pull to keep the odometer from moving. We didn’t realize the same fuse controlled the power windows, the windshield wipers and the speedometer. Whenever we were on a road trip we would look for people with digital speedometers, pull up next to them so I could how fast they were going and we would know how fast we were going and set the cruise control accordingly. Pretty smart thinking if you ask me.

Something that wasn’t so smart was the year we returned to Morgantown to hang out with some friends who were still in school. It was Super Bowl Sunday weekend, we ended up staying later than we wanted to and had to book it to get home since we both had to work on Monday. We were in a rented car, I forget what kind but I know it had some get up and go to it. We were cruising through the mountains of Maryland at speeds much higher than those allowed by the state of Maryland when we saw a cop. Kim quickly stepped on the break and pulled over behind a tractor trailer to slow down. She realized we were right by an exit ramp, so she quickly exited the highway and pulled into a parking lot, turning the lights off hoping we could wait it out until the cop passed. We waited for a while and get back on the highway, not before switching drivers, now that I think about it what kind of an ass am I agreeing to drive a car that just ran from the law? Anyway, we got back on the highway and wouldn’t you know it, the tractor trailer we pulled behind to slow down was on the side of the road having been pulled over by the same cop we were running from. I am sure he was cussing us.

I could tell tons of stories about our trip to Canada in a rental car that wasn’t supposed to leave the VA, MD area. We covered 5 states and a foreign country. While in Canada we made an illegal u-turn and confused the shit out of the border patrol guy, but those are stories for another day.

Our road trip adventures didn’t stop once we graduated, there was the time we went to TN for a long weekend. We stopped at a gas station and the attendant told us to be careful you know how it is “you come on vacation and leave on probation” we thought it was nice of him to give us that warning. He should have told us the rental car we were in was a piece of shit and when we rolled down the window on a snowy mountain, it was going to get stuck and we wouldn’t be able to get it back up. What a mess that was, calling the rental company and telling them the window won’t go up and we needed to trade in the car at the nearest airport. They had the nerve to try and charge a drop fee since we were returning it to a place other than where we rented it, you rest assured by the time they were done listening to me they were ready to pay us for the trouble of giving us a piece of shit car.

Our most recent adventure was when were in Raleigh and the low fuel light came on, we kept pushing our luck. By the time we got to the gas station we realized we had enough gas in the tank to go about 10 more miles. Talk about cutting it close.

Thelma and Louise got nothing on us.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Here we go again.....

Okay kids, it's Friday, so you know what that means..............

Friday Fill Ins!!!
Here we go........

1. Once I was a virgin.
2. I hate being sick.
3. Today at work I will do what I do everyday.
4. What's our obsession with Brittney all about?
5. If I make a mistake I admit it and learn from it.
6. When I woke up this morning, I thought damn, I have to pee.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to working, tomorrow my plans include picking my man up at the airport, working then hanging out with my nephew and Sunday, I want to watch the Giants win the Super Bowl!!!!!