Monday, February 18, 2008

Going Mad...

Giving MadGlibs another try. Because it took me almost 2 hours to less than 20 miles the other day I thought Rush Hour 3 was a good one to try this week.

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Rush Hour 3
5 years after the end of Rush Hour 2, James Carter is no longer a Sales Manager, but a Teacher on the streets of on the beach. Lee is now the bodyguard for his friend Darren. Lee is still upset with Carter about an incident in at home when Carter accidentally shot Lee`s girlfriend, Nurse Isabella Molina, in the Eye.

During the World Criminal Court discussions, as Darren addresses the importance to fight the Triad, he announces that he knows the Cute of the Triad leadership known as the Shy Shen. Suddenly, Darren takes a Clock in the Smile, disrupting the conference. Lee pursues the assassin and corners him, discovering that the assassin is his brother, Bon Jovi. When Lee hesitates to shoot Bon Jovi, Carter shows up Laughing towards the two and Often Runs Lee over, allowing Bon Jovi to escape.

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yeah......for mad libs and Bon Jovi