Sunday, February 3, 2008

Consider yourself Warned


James Keating    

Giants Headquarters

Super Bowl XLII


February 3, 2008


Re: Home Owner's Insurance Policy Number



Dear Party Attendant:

This disclaimer releases James Keating of all responsibility for the actions of his wife, Joyce Keating, AKA- crazed Giants Fan.

The Keating family will in no way be responsible for any bodily harm caused by Joyce waving her arms in the air when the Giant's defense fails to do their job and leaves receivers wide open.

Nor will they take responsibility for any hearing lose as a result of standing too close to Joyce when the referee fails to "throw the flag" for whatever penalty Joyce and only Joyce saw.

Do not be alarmed when Joyce starts to pace back and forth and talking to herself. No action is required; just give her a 10 foot clearance.

In addition, any pre-existing heart conditions you have need to be brought to the attention of the home owner before the start of the game. Neither Joyce nor James will be responsible for Heart Attacks that result from poor coaching, bad officiating, missed blocks, dropped passes or blocked kicks.

Finally, we want to thank you in advance for your compliance to the above stated guidelines. Any and all psychological side effects that occur as a result of watching Super Bowl XLII with Joyce will be the responsibility of the party attendant. You willing entered the Keating home and by doing so you released James of all responsibility and took your mental and physical health in your own hands.


James Keating

Innocent Bystander

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Anna M-W said...

Funny! Have fun tonight. I'm routing for the Giants just because I think Strahan is so damn funny!