Friday, February 29, 2008

Testifying for the defendant…. IKEA

I wonder how many marriages ended at Ikea? It is a place where you see all these happy couples walking around, picking out things to help make their house a home, D and I were one of those couples tonight. I saw these

here and thought "hell I could do that" so off to Ikea I went and D met me there after work. Being in Ikea was fine, we got what we wanted, loaded it in the car and got it home without event. Of course since we got it at Ikea the 82x24 inch cabinet came in a box that was roughly 18x3, I will never understand how that happens.

Putting the furniture together became a whole new adventure..... Me being me, I told D not to worry about it, all he had to do was help me carry it up stairs and I would do the rest. Then I start dropping the "f" bomb because things are not going well for me the furniture assembly chic and instead of asking for help I just drop tons of "f" bombs hoping he will get the hint and help me..... it doesn't always work that way and when that happens, my evil twin sister comes out, starts yelling at him and asking him him "wtf his problem is, why can't he just help me." After a few minor mess ups we got the damn thing together and by the end of the weekend I swear I will have my stuff together and organized. Thankfully my dear husband has the patience of a saint and put up with me and the crazy Ikea directions, yet another happy ending brought to you by Ikea.


Kim said...

I can't wait to see how it all works out.

Vera said...

LOL...thankfully even though I CLAIM I will put something together, usually Brian will do it for me. But then I hover over his shoulder the whole time trying to direct him...your method is good too. :-)


Been there done I can say that assembling something together gets us both bent out of shape...LOL.. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Anna M-W said...

Where are all the pictures of the "after"?

What's an "f" bomb? HA HA HA HA!