Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I got Screwed......

Yesterday was a great day, work was amazing! (despite an @$$hole contractor on the phone and other circumstances beyond my control) It was the most fun I had at work in a long time, I was laughing with customers, having a good time and driving some pretty amazing results. I guess it would be too much to ask for that I have two good days in a row!!

This morning I wake up, look at the alarm and realize I can still snooze, I didn't have to be up and in the shower until 7:15. So 7:15 rolls around, I am ready to get in the shower and D is in there- no big deal I guess I can wait- I had given myself enough time that I could still be early or on time for work. When I get out of bed, D is walking around the apartment so I say to him "Honey" he ways what and I say "Hi." Just wanted to say hello and good morning. I take my shower, get out and am chatting up a storm with D- he doesn't respond to something I say (typical really) so I start walking around looking for him (the place isn't that big) and I can't find he, I realize the jack@$$ left for work and didn't say good bye. Oh well, I can deal with that I guess... until the house phone rings. No one ever calls on the house phone, especially not at 7:35 in the morning. You guessed it, it was Darren, not calling to tell he to have a good day and he loves me but that I have a flat tire and I need to drive to Hess and get air in it. He thinks I will be able to make it on the tire the way it is but he isn't 100% sure!!

So I run around trying to finish getting ready so I can deal with this car bull shit. I go to Hess, driving about 15 mph because I am afraid I am going to F up my car. I get the air and proceed to work. Go out at lunch time to check on the car and the tire is flat again!! So I call dear husband- thank the good lord above that I got his voice mail, I might have gone crazy if he answered. The long and short is he came to my work after work and put on my donut- I have never driven on a donut and tell me I am not comfortable driving the car. We take the tire to Sears (there was a screw in it!) they pull the screw and patch the tire, charge me $20 and tell me everything is fine. D looks at the tire and sees a huge bubble in the side, he tells me I can't drive with it like that because it could blow out (who knew). So now I am really annoyed at Sears, why didn't they tell me that? I tell them I want my $20 back and I need a new tire. Of course Sears in Jersey City doesn't carry Pirelli tires (you know that $168 ones) so I have to get some Kumo tire which still cost $90!!! Never thought I would be $90 to get screwed before today!

As I sit here with the highlighting cap on my head I am trying to get excited about the weekend. We are going to Boston to see "the Police" in concert, we have 3rd row seats. Not a big Police fan, but would love to say I have been to Fenway and have never had floors seats at a concert before. Should be fun- looking forward to a weekend with the husband and no work!!


Anna M-W said...

I would be pissed, too if my husband left without saying goodbye. Men just don't get it!

Anna M-W said...

Oh...and that sucks about the tires! You know it isn't the same with one different tire!