Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kimberly

As I mentioned in my Friday fill-ins this past weekend was my sister's birthday party. I think she had a great time. Her birthday was actually September 14th but because of her school schedule she couldn't really celebrate so her party was the following weekend. I didn't get to see on her on her actual birthday which means her gift from me was a week late, unfortunately so were all of her other gifts. She was convinced her husband didn't get her anything and was really hurt/pissed about it. I knew differently and had fun playing her game. She asked me often if her husband got her anything and I kept saying I didn't know and various other things. At one point I even said to her "Don't you think if I knew he got you something I would tell you instead of sitting here watching you be upset?" I decided it would be fun to display the gifts I got her Friday night and not her open them until Saturday afternoon. When it was finally time to open gifts I could tell she was nervous.... what if her husband didn't get her anything, or worse what if he got her something she hated? Her husband and I decided to drag it out a little long by making her open my gift first it was hard to tell if she was excited about her camera or not because after opening it her husband handed her a box, she was very confused at to what was in it, speechless has a matter of fact, Her husband got her EXACTLY what she wanted, a sapphire ring with no diamonds that she could wear with her wedding band.

All in all, I think/hope Kimberly had a great birthday, she deserves it!!



She looks just like you girl!!!
Happy Birthday to KIm!!!

Simply Complicated said...

So glad Kimberly enjoyed her belated birthday. I don't think I have her contact in my new phone, tell her I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Anna M-W said...

Happy Birthday to your sis!