Friday, September 26, 2008

Card Club

I attended my first card club on Thursday, we had such a great time. Made 2 cards, an adorable box and a banner. We were only supposed to make 1 card but Dawn had to run upstairs to do something with her children leaving the rest of us unattended with the brand new "Stampin' Success" in front of us........... of course the ink on the magazine was barely dry and we wanted to try every project featured in it. We thought the turkey card was too cute not to try it. Of course we had to change what we saw in the magazine just a little and add googlie eyes to it, how stinking cute is he? Funny how the idea came out of "Stampin' Success" magazine yet there isn't one bit of stamping on the entire card! Everything was created with punches and the sentiment is from the holiday rub-ons.

Nothing says Halloween like Frankenstein- this card was super easy to make and again very little stamping. Only the Sentiment and the background are stamped, everything else was created with punches or the big shot- gotta love that!!!


Linda said...

Love the bow!!!! I'll have to try one of those. Turkey looks really cute.


Oh my...ok these cards are rad...but... I want to know what happened to the real Kelly I met, man you are getting all sorts of project whipped up!!!


Great job girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Pattern Paper Addict said...

Aww these are soo adorable!!! I love the Frankenstien one! Too cute!

Anna M-W said...

I love how you are totally getting into the diecuts!