Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swapping was fun.......

All of this talk and pressure around swapping at convention had me on pins and needles, I wondered was my swap good enough? would people want to swap with me? how would people know I had swaps? and tons of other things ran through my head as I entered the Salt Palace for the first time with my Ziploc bag full of swaps. It didn't take me very long to figure out how the whole swapping thing worked. Basically everyone in the building was swapping, it made waiting in line for Memento Mall seem not so bad. People were basically walking up and down the line swapping. I very quickly learned the easiest way to do it without dropping everything on the floor was to give with one hand and take with the other (remember high school graduation, you shook with the right and received your diploma with your left, same concept) I started putting all the swaps I received in the back of my very cool new bag from SU and the one I was giving stayed in the front of the back so not to mix them up. I would be lying if I said I went through all of the ones I received. Making 150+ cards was over whelming; however they were all the same design so it wasn't that bad; however, I received 150+ cards all of which are different designs, it is amazing to me the time and effort that went into alot of them. I really need to figure out a way of sorting through all of them and filing them for future use/inspiration. In addition to giving me some really great gifts (including an adorable picture of her dog "Snowball"- that is for you Judy if you are reading this) my roommate gave me several cards and card designs to use in the future. The two cards posted are from her. I am going to my cousins' birthday party tomorrow and these cards are perfect for them, they are turning 6 and 4. I am sure they are going to love them and hope you do too. I hope to post pics of the swaps I received as I sort through them, not committing to any specific time frame though, sorting through them could take awhile.



What a fabulous time I bet!

I've been to conventions
(stampping one) where people swapped hand made pins. Like mini -card but to pin on your clothes. We did just that too.. stand in line and trade or walk around and trade as we ooooed and ahhhed over all the lastest goods for sale.

I'm glad you had a good time.

Anna M-W said...

I think your swap is better than a lot of the SU cards I have seen online! It is definitely original!

bellameabhn said...

i was worried about that same thing! i'm so happy i came home with ten swaps! i wish i could've made 150 and brought home that many~but there's always next year, right?!