Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music to my Ears.....

My sister "Bboy" and I have a bit of a tradition. Almost every night he calls me to say goodnight. Honestly I think it is the little stinkers way of getting to stay awake for 5 more minutes, I don't care thought I love when he calls! It started with my sister doing all the talking and at the end she would say "Give Aunt Kelly a kiss" and I would hear "Muwah" (not sure how to spell the sound a kiss makes) and I would say "muwah right back at you peanut" and blow a kiss into the phone. Now that he can talk more our bedtime conversations are a little different, I usually say "BBoy what are you doing?" and he tells me "reading a book" or "singing a song" or any number of other things he says (not all of which are 100% clear to me) and of course before we get off the phone I always say "Good night peanut, I love you." The other day he said "I love you too Aunt Kelly" I swear I got tears in my eyes and goose bumps up and down my arms. It was so cute hearing his little voice say "I love you" as I sit here typing this I am looking at a blurry screen because the tears have surfaced again. It is hard for me to believe the big boy in this picture wearing "Grandpa's" glasses is the same little boy who entered the world and my heart almost 3 years ago. Damn I love that little brat!!!

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