Saturday, August 16, 2008

Am I missing something?

There is a new stamp set in the Stampin' Up! catalog called "Sock Monkey" everyone loves. I don't, as a matter of fact I am going on record here and now saying it freaks me out a little. It is definitely not a stamp set you will ever see on my wish list. That being said I received tons of really cute swaps made with the sock monkey that I just had to share.....(as with all of the pics I post I apologize for the clarity or lack there of of the pictures, blame it on my scanner)

Created by Barb Coblentz of Marshfield, WI

This one is from Krista Jensen of Corona, CA

Then we Megan Verhoeven of Parker, CO creation which really got attacked by my scanner. In real life the card is straight and even!

This was created by Susan Miller (not sure where Susan is from)

Jill George created this one, again I am not sure where Jill is from.

Finally I received from an unknown stamper.

I think all of these cards are adorable (obviously, I shared them with you) but I just don't see the big deal about the Sock Monkey..... oh well it must be me!


Anna M-W said...

I like the sock monkey!

It is dolls and clowns that scare the shit out of me!

linda said...

Hey - I'm with you - That thing is creepy, it's up there with ventriloquist dummies. You know how I feel about this stamp Kelly, I think you should get the whole kit and kaboodle off your Blog.