Monday, August 11, 2008

Simply Sent

I am so in love with the new Simply Sent Card Elements Kits. Using the kit I was able to make this adorable card (At least in person it is adorable, I don't think the scan did it justice, oh well) I did alter it a little. I was supposed to use a button in the middle of the flower but in true Kelly fashion, I lost the button so I used a pearl from the "pretties kit." The cool thing about the kit is you get everything you need to make 9 cards, including step by step instructions which is exactly what I need.

The card is for my DM, after a little more than 2 years working together we have been realigned and are no longer working together. She is coming to my store tomorrow to "hand over" the store, I know it is going to be an emotional day,thankfully I am not working the business so I won't scare any customers away with my "I have been crying face"


Stephanie Herbert said...

Love it! Now I am going to have to buy it. Thanks a lot! LOL!
Good luck with your goodbyes. I am terrible at them.

Anna M-W said...

Cute card.

Sorry about losing your DM. That always sucks when you actually like who you work for!

Simply Complicated said...

awesome, love that you are creating.

sorry about the DM.

bellameabhn said...

kelly! you sneakity snake! i'm looking at my email of "kcc posted a comment on bella's petit gateaux" and i'm like kcc?! do i have spam? you got me! thank you for posting on my blog!
the card is beautiful, truly lovely! i couldn't even tell it was a scan! want to see horrible scans?look at my blog lol!
sorry about your realignment and your dm! it's ok to have an "i have been crying face"~we're human!
i love you! so great to meet you at convention!ttfn!