Monday, July 7, 2008

We did It!!

Never in my life did I think I would be blogging about potty training; however, I am and for some strange reason I am proud to be doing it. The boy has been very stubborn when it comes to potty training, he has wanted nothing to do with it- nothing at all! My sister has tried everything and he just isn't interested. The frustrating thing he is knows when he goes so he will tell you "pee pee in here, change me" or worse he will take his #2 filled diaper off and tell you "poop in here" many times he takes it off before he has even finished going (I know that is way too much information, sorry)

Tonight Kimberly asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom and of course he said "no" she put the toilet seat insert on the toilet just in case, he got on, squatted on the seat so he could see what was going on in the bowl and a few drops came out. My sister made such a big deal about it, he got all excited too. He told Elmo (who is on his potty seat) "Good job, I am proud of you, you did it!! (not bad for a kid who is 2 and a half) Of course my sister had to call me at work to tell me the good news, she called back later on to tell me he went 2 more times. Seems like our last diaper change is in our not so distant future (thank God changing diapers is my least favorite part of being an Aunt!!)


Simply Complicated said...

AWESOME! I think changing diapers past say a few months would be my least favorite part of being an aunt as well.

He is getting so big!

CINNIBONBON said... are right. This is way too much info..LOL

I wanted to murder my kiddo during this phase.

Vera said...

As an aunt I have to say amen to that. Thankfully my nephew is now potty trained too.

Lynn said...

Hooray! Just have your sister keep making a big deal about it and he'll be so proud of himself he'll want to keep going in the potty! We have that same Elmo potty seat too!

I've got Dawn's class on my list of things to do - gotta check and make sure there's no other classes going on at that time - like a 102? Hee hee!