Saturday, July 26, 2008

And it didn't even fill it up.......

Since I did such a great job ranting and raving about my dumb car the other day I thought I would continue the theme today with my POTD

My sister called me today and says "Oh my God, I am so excited" so of course I asked her why and she said "I am sitting at the Shell station paying $3.75 a gallon."

How pathetic is that? We no celebrate when we get gas that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. What on earth is this world coming do?


{D} said...

Tell me about it! You hear people talking more n more! & we got all excited when we see a lower price! Last was w/friend & we saw station w/$3.89/gal!! All excited & then saw $3.83!! this is crazy!! But what you gonna do!?! We still hve to buy it!

Kim said...

Damn gas is cheap up there, maybe I need to come up there and fill up! LOL