Thursday, July 24, 2008

A day late and a picture short

Kimmie and I are doing a Picture of the Day; however, as the title indicates I am a day late and a picture short. We started it yesterday and I am just now posting my pic from yesterday.

It is always nice to come home from vacation, you get to sleep in your own bed, get back on a routine, etc. More importantly, I got to see my husband- we are used to being apart for several days at once since D travels all the time for work, usually I am the one at home waiting for him to return. When he first started traveling, I would try to have suprises for him when he got home, nothing big but suprises none the less. When I got home I found quite a suprise....... This was hanging in my bedroom. Apparently D's father got it for us as a wedding gift (yes we have been married for over a year- that is a story for a different post) I really didn't understand all the hype about flat screens or high def tv that is until I got one. The picture clarity is amazing- I can't wait for football season to start it is going to be amazing watching it in High Def!!

Picture of the Day for Thursday

I am really not a car person, as a matter of fact I would drive almost anything to work as long as it had 4 tires and a steering wheel. I take decent care of my car, doing all the necessary maintenance, changing the oil, rotating the tires, and all the other junk that I have no idea about but know it needs to be done. The keyless entry on my car had been acting up, so D and I replaced the battery (a simple fix under $5) the new battery did nothing for the remote so after 3 days of quickly unlocking the door and hopping in to start it to turn the alarm off I finally went to the car dealer to see what they could do for me. I will tell you what they did...... they raped me, no foreplay, no ky, no nothing, just straight up screwing!!! Not only did I have to pay $85for the new remote, I had to pay $41 for them to program it, did I have a choice, what good is a nonprogrammed remote? What are my other options, not locking my car? I don't think so, not where I work. Oh well, at least it made of a good story and a half way decent picture!!



ahhhhhhhh...a dry fuck!!!

I'm so sorry. (I'm laughing my ass of over here.)

But I feel your pain. We get robbed from everyone nowadays!!

Hang in there...great POTD.

Vera said...

Yikes! $85!? At least you have a new tv! :-)

Anna M-W said...

Nice TV! That will be great during FF!

Sorry about the dealer. I needed to have my Audi remote replaced because I lost one of them when I was drunk (of course). They told me it would be over $200. I politely said,"Fuck you very much," and went on my merry ol' way!