Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bronx Zoo

My sister and I took "the boy" to the Bronx Zoo yesterday. I took about 200 pictures and wanted to post so of my favorites here. I have learned a lot from my fellow bloggers since I started blogging.
One of my key take aways (wow that is such a work phrase, sorry) is from Anna she is always taking pictures of strangers doing stupid things or looking like fools an posting them on her blog. She has been such an influence I took this picture while in London. This is a wide spread addiction that is quickly spread, Kimmie and Luz have started doing it too. Our adventures in the Bronx Zoo were no different....... While waiting for my sister to bring lunch to the table, I saw this I couldn't believe it, it is one thing to ensure the table you are eating at is clean, but this lady took it to a whole other level..... rubber gloves? She used about 6-10 wipes cleaning that table and when her husband got to the table with the food she told him where he could sit, because of course she cleaned the benches too!!!

They have a cute little merry-go-round there, instead of horses, you sit on various different bugs. The ride couldn't end soon enough for me, since this was my view Are you serious?

What would a day out with the family be without a submission to Glamour'sFashion Don'ts

On my way home I saw the picture isn't the best because I took it while driving. What I thought was so crazy about this is the damn weed whacker is ELECTRIC if you look closely you can see the extension cord, it is plugged in by the front door. Correct me if I am wrong, but there have been serious advances in lawn maintenance equipment, why is she still using one that needs to be plugged in?


Vera said...

LOL...lovely photos. But I have to say that our weed whacker is still plugged it's not broke, so why buy another one? :-)

Anna M-W said...

Great pics! I am laughing my ass off at the germaphobe. She does NOT belong at the zoo.

The picture of crack...HILARIOUS!

Sorry, but these people are just screaming to get their pictures taken! They deserve it!

Lynn said...

This is why I LOVE New York! LOL

Stopping by to say that you've been tagged - check out my blog!

{D} said...

Zoos can be fun but yes...not clean for sure. Hey, I had to look at that fashion pic b/c I really couldnt believe it! Not sure what exactly to say...loss for words.
Hey, weed whacker - YUP, w/V on this one. Why buy new one? Waste of good scrappin' $$ on something that still works! LOL!! :)


Thanks for the laughs...LOL
Fabulous photos-ala-Anna...she has to be so proud of all of us!!!

Amy said...

I haven't seen anyone doing this before - but it is hilarious!! I'll have to keep an eye out for things like this. Thanks for the laugh!