Sunday, September 30, 2007

Police Blotter

The other night my husband came home and mentioned something about a cop having a guy pulled over in front of our building, being my nosey self I got out of bed to see if I could find anything out. As I sat by the window I learned some guy was driving a car that did not have a license plate on it, he was also under the influence and in posession of sometime of drug. The cop told him if he charged him with everything he could face 30 days in jail. It seemed like forever that the cop had him pulled over, as I tried to fall back to sleep all I saw was flashing lights reflecting in my bedroom. So I started googling police blotters to see what kind of stuff goes on in my town on a weekly basis that the cops have to respond to. As the daughter of a retired innercity cop, I have heard my far share of "war stories" however, none of them are quite as ridiculous as the ones listed below. I can't believe some of the stuff people call the police for. Being me, I had to comment on almost all of the incidents. Please keep in mind I didn't post all of the incidents, only the really good one.

• A Daily Street resident reported criminal mischief to property. Someone threw rocks into a swimming pool. (is that really criminal mischief?)
• A Centre Street resident reported that an unknown male walked down his driveway, opened the side door to his home, closed it and left. (is that an attempted burgulary?)
• A Harrison Street business reported that someone was stealing water from their tap. (are you serious?)
• A Nutley Avenue resident found a green mountain bike on his property. (so you call the police? Why not run an ad in the paper?)
• A Washington Avenue resident reported receiving suspicious phone calls. (from a bill collector?)
• A Cortland Street resident reported receiving harassing phone calls. (again from a bill collector?)
• A Franklin Avenue resident reported finding a black GT race bike. (what’s up with all the “found” bikes?)
• A Prospect Street resident found a diabetic needle on Franklin Avenue. (and how do we know it was a diabetic needle?)
• The manager of CVS reported skateboarders on their property. (are you kidding me?)
• A Franklin Avenue resident reported receiving annoying phone calls. (what is the difference between, suspicious, harassing and annoying phone calls?)
• A Warren Street resident reported a theft of a magazine.
• A Warren Street resident reported possible mail tampering and theft.
• A Warren Street resident reported theft of mail. (clearly someone is not happy with their postal carrier)
• A Carrie Court resident reported harassing phone calls.
• A Franklin Avenue bank reported a broken rear window. A man was arrested for punching his hand through the door after becoming angry with a bank teller. (what on earth did this teller do to annoy him?)
• Police found a yard-type ornament on Hancox and Union avenues. The ornament is described as a bear holding a fish on top of his head. (why would the police even pick this up, leave it on the corner, maybe the garbage men will take it away)
• A Wilson Street resident reported mail tampering. (looks like the postal service needs to be retrained)
• A Centre Street business reported a theft. A customer had left the establishment without paying their bill. (I guess the Harrison Street business should be glad all they had stolen was tap water)
• A Franklin Avenue resident reported a broken street light near Booth Drive . (I thought you called town hall for this, not the police)
• Daily Street resident reported that someone threw rocks into her pool. (clearly someone doesn’t like this person, this is the second time they reported this to the police)
• Police responded to High Street and Franklin Avenue on a report of a truck wedged under the railroad trestle. (okay was it the truck driver’s first day on the job)
• A Franklin Avenue resident reported a street light out on Franklin Ave. (another street light out, what is our town maintenance department doing- reading stolen magazines?)
• Franklin Avenue gas station reported a theft of money from a soda machine. (can you blame them, have you seen the price of gas)
• A Passaic Avenue business owner reported that someone had stolen a tip jar. (maybe that is because they thought the tip jar was ridiculous, why should I tip you for doing your job?)

Can't wait to see what next week brings, would love to see how they write up the guy I saw in front of our building.

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Holy posts Batman! I have some blog reading to catch up on.

Again, just for the would have won last weekend if one of your players wasn't injured!

Oh, and sorry for your loss to USF! I won't gloat.

I love you and miss you girl!