Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Interesting Life

I enjoy reading blogs and always wonder how or where people come up with the stories that they share with the world. I feel like my life is not nearly interesting enough or that nothing exciting/entertaining ever happens in my life. That is until tonight.....

It is Wednesday which means Yoga. (D has been going for years and convinced me to start going the beginning of this year- I love it) We usually go together but D had a meeting after work so I was going to go by myself (no big deal, happens often) I gab my water bottle and my keys and head out to the car. As the door closes behind me, I go to put my key in the lock to lock the deadbolt (the lock on the doorknob is always locked) and realize the keys I grabbed were my work keys, not the house/car keys. So now I am locked out of the house and have no car keys to go anywhere. Not only am I going to miss yoga, I need to find something to do until D gets back from his meeting. So I start walking.... I send a text to my sister and D telling them I locked myself out of the house/car and am walking to the book store. I send D another message saying my phone is dying (isn't that my luck) and to please come straight home after the meeting- I will be at Barnes & Noble waiting for him. I walk the 1.3 miles to B&N in about 20 minutes (very proud of myself for that) and waited there for about an hour and a half for D to get there. Thankfully they had tons of scrap magazines and books I hadn't seen so the time went by pretty quickly.

The good news is I am now home safe and sound the bad news is reading all those magazines gave me so many ideas I want to scrap the night away but I have to be at work tomorrow at 8:30 so I can't stay up until the wee hours of the morning (damn it)

Prior to my adventure this evening I did get some stuff accomplished around the house- I changed my doormat from my summer one to the fall one, put new placemats and napkins on the kitchen table and put away some laundry- all of those are reasons why I could never be a stay at home wife/mother- I hate all that domestic BS!

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Anna M-W said...

I hate that domestic bullshit, too.
That's why Mark does everything!