Friday, September 21, 2007

Wedding after Wedding

I almost feel bad for the people I work with, because of weddings and being on vacation, I am not working any Saturday in the month of September. That is okay, I am sure in the long run I still got the short end of the schedule stick. Sometimes I am too nice.

D and I attended our first wedding as Mr. and Mrs. the other weekend. I am not used to things saying Mr and Mrs. Caraway because my last name is hyphenated. So I wonder what is the correct way of writing our name as a couple? It isn't Mr and Mrs. Keating-Caraway because I am the only Keating-Caraway (even though I really tried to get D to change his name too- he didn't go for it). I guess I should consult Miss Manners on that one!!

During the wedding a friend of my parents said to me, "I learned something today" so being a smart @$$ I say "yeah what?" and he says "That you and your sister really love your father" It made me smile on the the inside and out..... My sister and I are not and never were spoiled little girls but I can say with pride we are both Daddy's Girls.


Stephanie Mah said...

Kelly, Congratulation on your "BIG"day.:))

Anna M-W said...

You girls are beautiful!

When I write our names together, I drop the "Molina" from my name.

We are pains in the asses, aren't we? I still have not finished legally changing my name!