Saturday, September 8, 2007

Going Crazy-Wanna Come?

I am so excited!! 24 hours from now I will be on a south bound plane! Our plane for Miami leaves tomorrow at 6:00am. That being said, I am starting to freak out, I have so much stuff to do.

My schedule between now and tomorrow looks like this:
1. Go to work (I should be doing my hair and makeup instead of typing this) work 9-2
2. Go to Macy's for a new bra-girdle combo (anything to prevent the chub rub)
3. Come home: finish packing, take another shower, shave my legs get dressed and ready for a wedding.
4. Leave the house no later than 5:15 for a wedding (starts at 6:00)
5. Attempt to enjoy myself at the wedding knowing I have stuff to go when I get home.
6. Get home, ensure all packing is done, camera batteries charged, camera chargers packed.
7. Print out boarding passes, ensure all travel documents are savely packed in the carry on bag.
8. Confirm the car service is coming at 4:00am
9. Attempt to get some sleep because the car is coming at 4:00 which means we need to be up at 3:30am.

Wow, I am tired just thinking about it- no wonder I need a vacation!!!

I forgot to mention I have to double check my fantasy football team lineup for the week, Reggie Bush did nothing for me the other night, I only have 3 points going into this weekend- unacceptable!! There is money on the line and I hate to lose!!!!


Anna M-W said...

girl! Too bad i don't live in Miami! I could come see you! Have a safe trip!

Anna M-W said...

Let me know how the bra-girdle thing works...I have put so much fucking weight on the past few months!