Sunday, September 9, 2007

Vacation Update

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind..... we had a good time at the wedding, got to see some people we hadn't seen in years. I have never been to a wedding where the DJ played mostly country music before- I don't care because I can sing and dance to anything, it was just an interesting mix of music.

We got home, finished packing and decided it didn't make sense to try to stay awake. So we went to bed around 1:15 and had to get up at 3:30, the car came right on time at 4:00 and we were at the airport checking in by 4:20.... you have no idea how many people where there- we are talking 4:20 in the morning, not in the middle of the afternoon- WTF?

The flight here was uneventful, we made it no problems; however, Miami Airport sucks, we waited an hour for our luggage! Since I slept in my contacts then wore them on the plane, they were dry as anything. Darren forgot his sunglasses so our first stop after leaving the airport was WalMart- so help me God, I thought I was at the UN. It was unreal how many people working at WalMart don't speak English... it is a crying shame that customers had to say to the associates on the floor "do you speak English" before asking for help. We get to the register to pay and the cashier says "Buenos Dias" of course I responded with "Hello" afterall, I am paying the bill with US Dollars, not Pesos or Euros!! I am all for this country being a melting pot and the land of opportunity; however, I firmly believe if you are going to come here, make money and contribute to society you should be able to speak English!!!

We just got pack from a relaxing dip in the pool and hot tub, I am getting ready for bed, the ship leaves tomorrow at 4:00, I think we are going to head over there around 12:00, can't wait to officially be on vacation!!


Stephanie Mah said...

Enjoy your vacation. Can;t wait to see all your lovely shots!!

Take Care!

Kim said...

Have tons of fun!

Anna M-W said...

Welcome to Miami baby! Not a big fan.

Stop blogging and have a great cruise!