Monday, June 9, 2008

I knew this would happen.....

Since I signed up for the sketch class, I have been on a roll, cranked out 3 pre-class projects and didn't think twice about it. Had tons of fun creating them and did it in record time. Class offically begins today and here I sit blogging instead of scrapping. I keep looking at the sketch hoping something will jump of the page at me, so far nothing!! I don't even know what pictures I want to use. This is not good people, not good at all.


Anna M-W said...

Good, then I don't feel bad.

I have not even looked at the sketch! I will be WAY behind both you and Kim!

Simply Complicated said...

Um yeah, I have no pics so there I beat you both!

Debbie said...

Hey - dont be too hard on self. We all have those creative blocks n' then here come da' mojo!
QUESTION~~Saw your new toy! Laptop! was thinking bout getting the same one more less. How has it been for you so far? I want XP too - not in mood to mess w/Vista just yet.
Can you please let me know...PM me on SIS site if you need my e-m addy again.


Well at least the three of you can explore and have fun. I will not be able to join you gals. But I am enjoying what you ave been creating.
You'll get out od this scrapper block in no time I'm sure