Thursday, June 19, 2008

I have no clue why I am awake

I got 4 hours of sleep yesterday and have been working like crazy, there is no reason for me to be doing anything by sleeping right now; however, I am doing everything but sleeping- Scrapping, Blogging and blog hopping. Good thing I am off tomorrow I have a feeling I will be sleeping most of the day.

Finally got to complete the layout for Sketch3 of the Got Sketch class, those of you that didn't sign up really don't know what you are missing, it has been a great class!! Anyway this is a 2 page layout is a "Tricked out Flipped out Layout" Basically the goal was to be able to get alot of pictures into one layout. I figured wedding pictures were the perfect one for this type of layout- I really wanted to scrap them; however, I was not looking forward to creating tons and tons of layouts with the same pictures, etc. So this is what I came up with. (Be wared not all of the pictures are the best but you get the general idea)

This page has 4 pictures on it, here is what it looks like when you flip up the first picture,

Here is the second page of the double layout- This one has 4 layers of pictures

so here is what it looks like with the first one flipped up and the next picture flipped, and

flipping up the final picture gives you this look, When the 2 pages are next to each other it looks like this - since I am sure you can't read the journaling it is the lyrics to "Finally Found Someone" by Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand.

So many lines of that song really hit home for D and I- we did start over coffee, even though I told him I wasn't a coffee drinker, he insisted he go to Starbucks after our first date! My favorite line is still can I call you sometime. I remember standing in the parking lot talking to D the weekend that we met and he says to me- so what happens now, are we going to exchange numbers or something? I swear I thought he would have never asked. "Did I keep you waiting" do I really need to explain that one, we started dating in 1999 and got married in 2007- Enough Said!!

Since there is no sketch tomorrow, I should be able to get caught up, I am a sketch behind, which isn't too bad considering I still haven't finished my Journal Your Christmas Project :)


Vera said...

Very cool layout with the flipping of the photos! I love it!

Anna M-W said...

Beautiful! Dammit...I'm now three LOs behind!

I saw that you left a comment at 3:38 AM and I was thinking what the hell were you doing up. But, then again, I was too.

It totally stormed down here and I couldn't get back to sleep.

I hope you get some sleep today babe!

Debbie said...

That is a REALLY neat layout - how you did that! I love that story - I'm a hopeless romantic!!
hey -- Where did you get the lady/man cut out? I have been looking for it & the negative image of them as well?
One lady told me I had to order the diecut thru AccuCut.
Keep up the GREAT work K!
i promise I will post pics soon! :)