Saturday, March 1, 2008

(Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams)
I finally found someone, that knocks me off my feet
I finally found the one, that makes me feel complete
We started over coffee, we started out as friends
It's funny how from simple things, the best things begin
This time it's different, dah dah dah dah
It's all because of you, dah dah dah dah
It's better than it's ever been
'Cause we can talk it through Oohh, my favorite line was "Can I call you sometime?"
It's all you had to say to take my breath away
(Chorus) This is it, oh, I finally found someone

Someone to share my life I finally found the one, to be with every night
'Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be you My life has just begun
I finally found someone, ooh, someone
I finally found someone, oooh

Did I keep you waiting, I didn't mind
I apologize, baby, that's fine
I would wait forever just to know you were mine
And I love your hair, sure it looks fine
I love what you wear, isn't it the time?
You're exceptional, I can't wait for the rest of my life

(Repeat Chorus)

Whatever I do, it's just got to be you
My life has just begun I finally found someone
It was a year ago today that I married my best friend (I know very cliche but oh so true) D and I were together for 7 years before we got married, I really didn't think being married would change anything, little did I know I would get that stupid smile on my face when I talked about "my husband" I still get goose bumps when he introduces me as "his wife." I never really understood it when people said there love for someone grow deeper and deeper with each day, I always just thought love was love. This past year has taught me differently, there are things D does every day that make me love him a little more. This has been a great year, full of firsts for each of us as individuals and as a couple. I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life and allowing us to spend our lives together.
D my love for you runs deeper than the ocean and higher than the sky.... today, tomorrow and always!!


Debbie said...

CONGRATS! & I hope that you always get that funny feeling & goosebumps when it comes to him. ;)
Best wishes for many more wonderful years to come!


Congrats girl!!!!!

Vera said...

Congratulations! I love that song!

Anna M-W said...

Happy Anniversary baby!

You know that we are forever linked right? I will remember your anniversary forever.

I miss you!