Sunday, March 30, 2008

Got Creative

Luz is always yelling at Kim and I for not blogging more and for not including all of our scrappy stuff when we do blog. I was lucky enough to have some time today before going to work- D was at a 1st birthday party so I had the place to myself. Even though I have not finished my "Journal your Christmas" project yet- I did get some other stuff done.

I rarely do 2 page layouts and when I do I never split my title or picture across the 2 pages, I did that today and am rather proud of how it turned out. Nothing major but an accomplishment for me none the less.

I also realized I blogged about our trip to Archivers but I never posted anything that I worked on while I was there. At the time my goal was to finish my Journal Your Christmas project so that is how I spent most of my time. I didn't finish the journal but I did take it from less than 25% done to more than 75% so I feel like I accomplished something. Here are some of my favorites:

Going from KK to KKC pretty much sums up by 2007.

It is hard to tell from the scan but that is actually an envelope that opens, there is a "library card" inside that I journaled on- how nice it is to receive Christmas cards addressed to Mr and Mrs. for the first time!

These are my holiday must haves, weither I need them or not

Nothing says Christmas in my house like 24 hours of "A Christmas Story"

And last but not least, you didn't think I could do a Christmas Journal without at least 1 layout with my favorite BBoy as subject.......



This lUZ person sounds like a real bitch! Too bad she's not as sweet as that other girl Cinnibonbon
Hey man when am I yelling at you about layouts?...Girl that only started today. I do however get on KIM,,cause she's always like "man..I need to scrap" shit you do!!!

Debbie said...

Never too late to post 'em! :)

Anna M-W said...

Cute cute cute...

My fav is the "FRA-GEE-LAY" layout.

One of these days I'll post some, but I would rather make fun on people on my blog.

5 more months till football season!