Monday, January 21, 2008

Throwing a Bone.....

I got an email today harassing me for not updating my blog. I know, I know I am not the best blogger in the world and I have made numerous pledges to change that. It isn’t that I don’t want to update, it is honestly that I feel like I have nothing to talk about….. my life is not half as exciting as most people whose blogs I read- and Kim will tell you I am quite the blog reader, hell I talk about these people like I know them. Let me warn you now, since I haven’t updated in awhile this post might be all over the place... don’t blame me, Luz asked for an update- blame her.

The email I got said they needed some “K and K in their life” referring to Kim and I. Let me tell you, no one knows more than I do how much K and K you need in your life. Kim and I spent the weekend together (first time seeing each other since October- unacceptable) we had a great time. Wondering what we did? A whole lot of nothing and that is exactly how we wanted it. Not nothing exactly, we spent the majority of the weekend at Archivers, scrapping, creating, laughing and having a great time. They say in your 30’s you might start to experience memory lose and that is absolutely true- because I have forgotten how much fun we are…. Not to brag but we are pretty damn funny when you get us together…. Example: car in front of us has a license plate that says “ARUSAVED” of course that means “are you saved” but we wondered why didn’t it just say “R U SAVED” it would make more sense than “ARUSAVED” so Kim says “maybe they are pirates and proceeds to talk like a pirate. As if that wasn’t bad enough I join her in the pirate talking…. WTF?

Like I said we spent the majority of our waking hours at Archivers, I wish I had thought to keep track of how many hours we were there, it is safe to say we did about 35 hours of scrapping. We had tons of fun, you would think being the only “Yankees” in a sweet southern city we would be on our best behavior but we weren’t. That isn’t entirely true, we were on our best behavior for the first few hours, then we let our true colors show…. And by that I mean we made sure we selected a table close to an electrical outlet so I could charge my cell phone while working (truly a priority) and when we needed something in the crop room that wasn’t out, we would just dig through the cabinets because we knew that had to have one somewhere. Who do we think we are? K+K that’s who!! Did I mention ½ of K+K has been renamed to the “antichrist of scrapbooking” I will let you figure out which K has changed their name.

If you are ever in need of a co-pilot or navigational support, call us. Despite the fact we were about 10 miles away from running out of gas we covered some serious grounds this weekend- found about 1,00,000 churches and 500,000 porn shops- quite an interesting combination.

I can’t believe I am this far into this post and I haven’t mentioned the Giants once. Can you believe the Giants are going to the Super Bowl? I have been a Giants fan since I was able to walk and talk- seriously I am not one of those girls who pretends to like football or watches it because the guys look good in tight pants. I am one of those girls who watches football even if I am the only one home- shit last week I was listening to the game on the radio while driving home from work….. I am a true fan. That being said, I know when we (I say that is if I play for the team, oh well you know what I mean) are outplayed, handed lucky breaks or when we really earn a win. I know we don’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl; however, we are going and that is damn exciting. Do I think we stand a snow ball’s chance in hell at winning……….. NO WAY. However, I am looking forward to seeing a really great football game on February 3. Too bad I can’t say the same thing about the half time show…. Tom Petty- what is that all about?

Speaking of lucky breaks, Kim got one this weekend, for whatever reason, the hotel we were staying in was having TV reception issues- of course not with all channels but with the channel that mattered most- FOX. So the game was kind of hard to watch- unless of course you had 3D glasses which unfortunately I left at home. So I had the computer logged on to to get the play by play information and was listening to the game on the TV, if we had a radio that worked or were in the NY area you better believe I would have turned the damn TV off and just listened to The FAN- they have the BEST commentators, you really feel like you are watching the game when you are listening to them.

Like I said, I have been a Giants fan my entire life, blame it on my mother and grandfather, I got the gene from them. When the Giants missed the field goal that ended up putting the game in overtime I picked up the phone to call my mother- of course it went to voicemail so I say to Kim “The phone went right to voicemail, that means 1 of 2 things. My mother is on the phone with my grandfather or my father is calling the paramedics because my mother just had a heart attack. Either way it isn’t a good thing.” Lucky for all of us it was the first option and my mother and grandfather were talking…. I am sure both of them had elevated blood pressure and were a few heartbeats away from a stroke.

I could go on and on about all of the amazing, strike that I mean unusual and interesting things I have seen in the airport today but I think I will save that material for another day- that way I will have an excuse to update my blog again. Speaking of updates, the look of this thing is getting on my nerves, anyone have any ideas what I can do to spruce it up a little?


vera said...

Great update, sounds like you two hand lots of fun! :-)

Kim said...

Okay I don't know if this is going to update or not but ARGH!

I had a great time as well. In fact when can we go again - but we have to call ahead and see if the crazy Puerto Rican Opera singer Vivian is working - she rocks!

Vee said...

sounds like you two had a great time!! :)

Anna M-W said...

Oh are not the antichrist. I already have the VIP pass to hell. Could you imagine if we all cropped together? I love it when people look over my way like I am offending them. Hello! I don't give a FUCK--I have enough friends.

I CANNOT believe the Giants are going to the Bowl. They looked great, and they deserve to go.

I, too am another woman who watches football even if my husband is home.

I CANNOT wait till next year for OUR Fantasy Football league. Time to play with the BIG GIRLS and not the LAME ASS ONES WHO DON'T BOTHER TO CHANGE THEIR LINEUP AT LEAST ONCE DURING THE YEAR!