Sunday, January 13, 2008

Modern Day Miracle.....

They say good things happen in 3's, I think today's sports events are an excellent example of that:

1. Eli Manning had another interception free game
2. The Giants beat the Cowboys after getting spanked by them twice in the regular season
3. The Giants are playing in the NFC Championship game against the Packers

I feel bad for Kimmie, we are going to be together next weekend and she will have to witness me going crazy for 4 quarters of football. I swear while listening to today's game on the radio on my way home from work I felt my blood pressure rising with every set of downs, I am lucky I didn't crash. I hope Kim's CPR certification is current, I am sure she is going to have to revive me at least once during the game.....


Anna M-W said...

I'm happy for your Giants. Not for my Bucs.

Good luck against Farve. Did I ever tell you I love him?

CINNIBONBON said...'re a funny girl. I have email access now but no access to my pics so I have yet to update blog. I hope to be updated soon!!!