Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Midnight Madness

Not sure what got in to me today but long about 10:30 I sat down at my craft table (that should read, folding table in between the "dining room" and "living room") and started making stuff. I started with
this cute little bookmark. I saw it on my friend
Stephanie's blog who got it from the super talented Mathilda Making these bookmarks is so easy and quick, it is a great way to turn scraps into a cute little project. Since that project took less than 10 minutes I decided to keep on going. I made a birthday card for my brother, not that the card is going to matter half as much to him as what is in it but that is okay. Since I know he will pay close attention to the inside of the card (of course looking for cold hard cash) I wanted to do something more to the inside of the card that I usually do, so I grabbed my spiral punch to dress it up just a little.... I love the spiral punch and use it every chance I get. Finally I made a card to include in a catalog pack I am sending to a new customer. My favorite thing about this card.... no stamping!! I love to stamp; however, sometimes I enjoy making cards without stamping and this is one of those cards. Of course I used my spiral punch on this card too, because as I said, I love it!!

I had fun creating today, when I sat down at the table I had no idea what I was going to work on or create which is usually very frustrating for me.... not tonight though, I just enjoyed the process and had some fun.

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