Monday, April 21, 2008

Winning is everything.....

when it comes to shopping on Ebay. I got in my first official bidding war via text alert yesterday and it was so worth it- look what will coming to my house in the next 2-9 days (gotta love the USPS) and that isn't all, I also get actually those pictures don't do what I WON any justice:

1 Zutter Bind-It-All

Under 3 pounds in weight
Allows continuous punching in any length
Allows continuous binding in any length
Designed for Double Owires fro 5/16" to 1-1/4" diameter
Comes with instructional DVD
1 Zutter Book and Journal Making Tool Kit

All the tools you'll need to create the perfect book or journal.
Tool Kit includes:
6" stainless steel ruler (with anti-skid cork backing)
Bind-it-All designer ball point pen
Mini pliers with soft touch handle
Small precision scissors
Mini wire cutters with soft touch handle
Scoring tool (handmade of real bone)
Piercing tool with interchangable tips (w/ storage compartment for needles)
Large heavy-duty sewing needles
Precision craft knife
Spare blades for craft knife
36" measuring tape (in. and cm.)

I am so excited, can't wait to start using it.

On a separate ebay note I am 2 days and 7 hours away from being the proud owner of an ATG. Yes that is right, I finally decided to join the 21st century of scrappers and get the much coveted ATG!



Oh ...hello.. I think Kimmie and I will just have to borrow that from you...very nice!!!

Anna M-W said...

I love ebay. I think I just like the "winning" part.