Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I did it!!!

I was motivated to complete April's 12 of 12 before May got here (no major accomplishment since I am still working on my "Journal your Christmas" so I grabbed my camera as soon as I woke up and didn't put it down until I was getting ready for bed. More surprisingly I took my camera to work the next day so I could print out some pictures and scrap them when I got home. Can you believe it- I took the pictures, printed them out and scrapped them in a 48 hour period?!?

I was going to post all of the pictures I took but thought it would be better just to post the layout I created- It might not be the most creative layout I ever came up with but I am feeling somewhat accomplished none the less. Doesn't really look like there are 12 pictures but there are (working from the upper left hand corner):

1. My lunch- Spinach stuffed slice from Sabarro and Diet Pepsi from Nathans- why I don't buy my soda from Sabarro is another post
2. It was a beautiful day, sunny and 72 degrees out, I love that my car has a digital thermostat
3. Me driving to work, I love my sunglasses!!!
4. The clouds were so fluffy, I couldn't help but take a picture out my moon roof while sitting at a red light
5. On the way to work my "low fuel" light came on
6. I had to stop and get gas, still can't believe I pay over $3 a gallon
7. I work at the mall, I turn right at the light at least 5 times a week and don't think I ever realized there as a sign pointing to the mall
8. I love being American, our flag and what it represents, I take pictures O'Glory whenever I can
9. I look at that building whenever I am sitting in traffic waiting to turn into the mall, love the way it looks like it is on a slant
10. I know Crocs are not a fashion statement, but they are so comfortable, I wear them back and forth to work everyday, they are like heaven after being in heels all day
11. No better way to end the day than with some ultra pampering products for your hair- I love Fekkai products. Dr. Wexler's foaming facial wash is the best facial wash I have ever used- can't get enough of it.
12. I love all the goodies in my shower, they really help wash all the stress of the day or life in general away

Tried to arrange the pictures in the shape of the number 4 in honor of April being the 4th month. Layout is kind of blah, I feel like it is missing something but I am not going to dwell on it, I will work on making May more creative.


Susan... said...

Kelly - YOU ROCK!!
good job girl...you totally did it, cranked through it and now can revel in feeling oh-so-accomplished!! woo hoo!!!!

And i LOVE your layout. Love that all of the little pictures you have to look for. so fun!!!

good job - thanks so much for sharing. I'll update the 12-of-12 blog tomorrow and get the responses all posted!! SO FUN!! thanks for sharing!


Kim said...

Love that you did this and you suck that gas is so cheap there. I will be posting mine some day! LOL

Debbie said...

VERY cool Kelly! Good for you & you should feel like you accomplished something! I dont think I've ever taken, printed & scrapped pics in 2 days! :)

Anna M-W said...

You guys are cranking on all the inspo! I need to move up there I think!