Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons

I am participating in a Cartoon ATC Swap hosted by Kellie over at SisTV you can check it out
here we all picked some great cartoons- Jetsons, Rainbow Brite, Jem, Strawberry Shortcake and the Smurfs to name a few. I picked the Snorks because I had this great idea that I could do some type of underwater layout, here is where the problem begins. I now have no clue what I am going to do. I have Googled the Snorks and got some great pictures- I have narrowed it down to this one since it sums up the show and cast and the show the best. With the picture picked out you would think the hard part was over and I would be able to sit down and crank out the 20 cards I need to make, but that is not the case- I am totally stuck. I am hoping to be able to come up with something today, if/when I do I will be sure to post it. Wish me luck!!



Who the hell are the snorks??? I've must have led a deprived childhood, they don't even look familiar!!! LOL. Girl I'm sure you will come up with something fantastic. I know what you mean though. I signed up to make 125 ATc for SIS..whooo I havent even got an idea you're way ahead of me. Now if I just stay off IM's Kimmie I may have time to get cracking!!

Debbie said...

Okay, is this something that is an East Coast thang? Yes, who the heck are the Snorks? Never had them in TX?? But I am sure you will figure something out! Do a bio on each lil' Snork? You know how folks print their stuff on card to hand out -for personal use? Just an idea?? Cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Anna M-W said...

How you guys not know the SNORKS?

Where are the ATC cards? I want to see them!