Sunday, May 18, 2008

She said, I thought

As if getting Friday Fill ins from Anna wasn't enough, I now have Unconscious Mutterings from Luz

Concentration :: thinking
Relocated :: moved
Clot :: blood
Joints :: arthritis pain
Satellite :: dish
Money back :: rebate
Kittens :: frisky
Shady :: crooked
Drain :: liquid
Stroke:: of genius

I had hoped to get some of my London pictures scrapped but I don't have the prints yet, did get some scrapping done with my sister though. No layouts to show they are all at her house- her brother in law is retiring from the air force after 22 years of service so she is making a book of his career for him- she has never scrapped before but is doing a great job.

I did manage to create a card for our Yoga instructor, her 40th birthday party is tomorrow night, now if we could just figure out what we are giving her as a gift!!



Dude...LOl for Stroke...all that comes to mind is "stroke me, stroke me:..LOL gotta love that Billy Squire..oh what hell you're a might not even know who that is!!! LOL..just messing with you!! I love that card. What a great choice of colors..bravo..I want one.hehe. Hey i haven't forgotten about your mail or that layout I'm suppose to do of your boots. Homework has just been kicking my ass!!!

Debbie said...

What a cute card! Wish I was still motivated to make my own cards...maybe again.
Just thought I'd say hola - school keeping me busy but cant sleep tonite! :)

Anna M-W said...

Cute cute card!