Thursday, May 29, 2008

Luz should be proud of me

I didn't create on Tuesday but I did create yesterday and today- go Me!! I am having so much fun coming up with layouts for the sketches they are posting before the class even starts. I can only imagine what it will be like once class starts.

Shutterfly delivered almost 300 pictures to my doorstep the other day so of course I had to use those on my layouts.

One of my scrappy friends, Dawn, always has things printed things directly onto her patterned paper or card stock, I never tried that before, and now it is my newest obsession. if I am not printing it directly on the layout, I am printing it on card stock or regular paper and cutting it out. Super cool, great way to work around the whole I hate my hand writing thing.

I have really enjoyed my 2 days off, not only have I gotten some scrappy stuff done, I met up with a bunch of people I work with last night to celebrate some one's birthday. It was really nice, first time I had hung out with the socially and I am really glad I did. Even though they told the cab driver to make sure I got where I was going especially since I just got out of jail!! Good thing the driver didn't speak a lot of English, I would have had some explaining to do if he did.

One of the many reasons I took 2 days off back to back was to prepare for the insanity that next week will bring- Semi Annual Sale starts on Monday!!! (please pray I keep what little sanity I have left)


Anna M-W said... should get out of retail and go into sales.

The LOs are awesome!

Did you join the sketch class? I am thinking about doing it.


You're so right...I'M VERY PROUD!!!!
I love, love love, these layouts!!!Damn girl you've got it going on. Seem like you and Kimmie are learning all the groovy things.
way to go!