Friday, May 2, 2008

Liked Mad Libs only better!!

Not sure what is going on in Janet's world this weekend but the Friday Fill-ins this week have several references to drinking and 1 reference to being naked, sounds like a great time to me!!

1. Two of my favorite ingredients in a drink are vodka and tequila (not together though, that would kill me)!
2. The human body-especially when it is a baby often amazes me.
3. You can keep doing that forever, the dog is barking (not sure about this one).
4. Add ice, mix it all together and voila! You have the perfect drink!
5. If I had a yard with a garden, I would love to grow rocks because I kill everything else.
6. Everything is best au naturel.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to enjoying my day off, tomorrow my plans include spending time with D (at least I think he is coming home Saturday) and Sunday, I want to do nothing but I have to work!


Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Hahaha... I love your #5. I'm rather like that too, but hoping to change it with raised bed gardens. Great post!!!

Reba @ Reba's Run said...

Whoof!!! Woofenderful post. Come see how a dog fills these things in!

Tasha said...

I love ice in all my drinks! You can view minehere.

CINNIBONBON said... how many of your FFI have drinks invloves. I hope you had a great weekend.
BTW I really am still trying to figure out the banner...I know it's you taking a picture of you..but what is it refelcting off of..cause it looks like a hot dog ..but man I know hotdogs don't give off a relection..LOL..Take it easy girl!

Janet said...

HAHAHA I'm SO glad I scrolled down to this! Sorry I missed you :-)

Anna M-W said...

Damn this is one of the ones I missed! How did I miss the naked and alcohol one! Damnit!