Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Day

I love the snow.... okay not really. What I love is the winter wonderland created by the snow when it first falls and is untouched by plows, cars, people etc. I also enjoy it from afar- like when I can be inside my house and looking out the window. I don't like driving in it, not because I am scared but because the majority of people in NJ have no clue what do to when it snows.... they act like the world has come to an end and the slower they drive the longer they will be on this planet.... are you kidding me?!?

D and I went to his mother's tonight after work to shovel her driveway and they we did the next door neighbor's driveway, after all she is 78 years old and her husband is in a nursing home after having a stroke. While we were over there, I took some pictures of the winter weather. I haven't had a chance to look at all of them yet; however, one that I really like which is inspired by Vee There is something so fun about putting your boots on and jumping in some puddles, no matter how old you are. I think this spring I might even jump in the mud and make some mud pies just for the heck of it.


Vera said...

That's so kind of you to help shovel her driveway. Cute cute boots!


Cool pic....Dig the boots! I want a pink pair with white poka dots.

Vee said...

love your super cute boots!! thanks girl, glad i could inspire you!! :) i like the snow when it first falls as well before it gets all ugly from drivers and such!