Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day Off

Poor D has been traveling like crazy: Sunday he left for CA (I dropped him off at the airport at 4:00 in the morning), Monday night he flew home (I picked him up at 11:45) Tuesday he had a 12:15pm flight to Chicago. He was scheduled to come back Wednesday morning but they had snow and flights were delayed. So he drove from Chicago to St. Louis, did some work there and drove back to Chicago (only 300 miles each way). He left Chicago this morning but because he is D he couldn't just fly into Newark which is where his car is, he had to fly into Philly and take the train to Newark.... WTF?

The point in my telling you all of this is that I am exhausted, with him traveling my sleep is all messed up. Not sure why but lately I have been having a hard time falling asleep without him (this coming from a narcoleptic, I am programmed to fall asleep without even trying).

There is a plus side to me not being able to fall asleep, I have had tons of time to scrap. Last night (or should I say this morning since it was 3:10) I was up making paper bows that I saw On Splitcoast Stampers Once I mastered the bow, I started working on the cover to my Journal Your Christmas album and couldn't stop.

The point of the Journal Your Christmas class is to take time very day to journal and create. Of course me being me, I am already behind (we are only on day 6) Today I started my day 2 (need to find the perfect picture and Thickers to finish it) Completed day 3 and thought about what I want to do for day 4. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be caught up.

Hoping the writers strike ends soon, I am getting tired of watching reruns. Then again less time to watch TV means more time to scrap!!



Hello...ok now I know why you didn't go to bed, and here I thought you were joining my ranks of the sleepless scarppers. Girl you rocked that bow cover, I'm so digging it!!!! Plus I like the tag idea on the otherlayout. You're really getting into this I love it!

Vee said...

you an me both, i want my regular tv back!! not these fake shows in their place!! love your christmas journal can't wait to see more!!

Kim said...

Okay, see here is the problem I am talking about with bloglines...I thought I commented a long ass time ago.

Love how the Christmas journal is going.