Thursday, November 15, 2007

De Je Vu All Over Again

OMG I can't believe I was dumb enough to let it happen again. What kind of a moron locks herself out of the house twice in less than 2 months? Seriously, I am an independent, smart and educated female, what is wrong with me? I went downstairs to put laundry in the machine and came up the stairs to go back in side and think about if I wanted to cook dinner or not and low and behold the door was locked. So now I have to decide do I want to walk someplace in my slippers and call my husband to see when he will be home so he can rescue me or do I hang out in the laundry room and wait for him? I start walking with no idea where I am headed because I had no intention of going anywhere when I started my load of laundry. I figure I will walk to the diner close by, call D and tell him to meet me there for dinner and I can just sit, order and wait for him. You have no idea how hard it is to find a damn payphone now a days (I sound like an old fart talking about in my day) Of course the diner has no phone. So I keep walking, end up at the library where I am excited to see they are open until 9:00pm. I try to use the pay phone and of course you can't make a collect call to a cell phone and I can't charge the call to my house because there is no one home to authorize the charge. I tell my saga to the operator and she tries to connect me but as soon as D answers the phone the call is disconnected. So I beg the kid at the library desk to let me use the phone. As soon as D hears me say "I locked myself out again" he busts out laughing (can you blame him?) so he says he will meet me in 20 minutes. No problem, I am sure I can find something to do for 20 minutes inside the warm library. Well 35 minutes my knight in shining armor walked through the door to rescue me. As I sit and type this I have given up on laundry and am enjoying a glass of red wine.


vera said...

doh! :-) i thankfully have not done that yet ::knock on wood::...actually now that i think about i have accidentally given my mom my things and then made her get up early and drop it off (back when i was commuting to work)

Anna M-W said...

Don't worry, I used to lock myself out all the time! You need to go to the auto parts store and buy one of those spare key holders you can store in your wheel well. Believe comes in handy!


That just bites!! Hope the wine helped!!